Shopper research

Our shopper research is based on understanding your target consumers and discovering how they behave as shoppers. With a variety of tools and techniques:
- we understand the relevant shopping occasion,
- observe the shopping journey,
- measure conversion rates along the Path-to-Purchase,
- identify purchase triggers and barriers.

We constantly outperform other research agencies by going one level deeper. With mobile eye-tracking, EEG, GSR and Response Time measurements we can paint the whole picture. That is the entire subconscious decision making process of a shopper’s mind.

Our studies contribute in making retail environments more appealing to shoppers. We can help you maximize the impact of POSM and packaging at the point of purchase and enable Category Management teams to apply shopper insights.

The multi-dimensional needs of our clients are regularly addressed in tailor-made Training Workshops - where we interactively present and work with your business individually.
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