About us

HumanGraph drives sustainable success by delivering consistent data and insightful analysis. We deliver the support to grow your brand and to better understand cost effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With over 15 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative research we have the know-how and capability to provide you with tailor made services.
We’re determined to give you a comprehensive view on what really drives your business including your customers’ needs and desires.

To better deliver on this promise we acquired Bioscope® neuroscience technologies in 2016. Thus allowing us to provide you with unspoken insights into your customers’ non-conscious mind. We are now able to enrich traditional quantitative and qualitative data and provide deeper, more meaningful insights.

Our internal specialists have the depth and breadth of capability to meet your specific needs. Additionally we also cooperate with trusted industry professionals in Europe who supplement our ability to take on longer term, multi-country projects.
Uniquely placed and equipped to provide comprehensive, timely insights.
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