Reaserch marketing communication

Marketing Communication Research
We help you to create the most effective marketing message that is tailored to the specific communication channel. Thanks to our years of experience we can uniquely optimize your communication to have the requisite impact and reach. Our research reveals all areas of influence; including emotions, cognitive reactions and brand/product awareness. We offer the following services.

Packaging Tests
Using sensory and navigation testing we identify conscious and subconscious responses. Thus testing the brand images’ strengths, weaknesses and possible areas of development. With our approach we provide insights (packaging distinctiveness, content etc.) and its potential to influence purchasing decisions.

Advertisement Testing
We combine a traditional and biometric approach to test ads - from concept to final version.
Be it traditional media (posters, leaflets, POS etc.) to Television and online advertising. You can call on our expertise to assist in testing storyboard concepts, alternate versions to the final product.
Shopper Activation and Communication
On a regular basis, we assist our clients in figuring out how to best reach their customers. We provide them with various options on how to most effectively achieve this in the marketplace. Every time considering their specific needs and unique constraints. Amongst others we assist with enhancing and developing:
o Promotion types
o Calls to action
o POS Material
We also help our clients setting up store tests to measure efficiency and effectiveness of their shopper communication.

User Experience
We conduct examinations of websites, mobile apps and games focusing on the emotions and attitudes that a user experiences. The collected data is then processed to achieve the goal of providing actionable insights. Thus, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction in the given product/service.
We combine our traditional methods with biometric and behavioural measurements, which include:
o Response Latency
o Eye-Tracking
o EEG (emotional and cognitive states)
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